Do you play sport?

Achieving your perfect smile is one thing but actually protecting and maintaining it is another. Your mouth is just like the rest of your body and it needs to be looked after to stay in the best condition. If you or your children participate in sports, make sure that you always wear a properly fitted mouthguard when you play.

At Ormond Terrace Dental, we can provide you with a custom made mouthguard to help keep your smile intact. It is far better to protect your teeth.

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What are Night Mouthguards?

If you grind your teeth while you’re asleep, it may help to wear a mouth guard at night.

Night Mouthguards even out the pressure across your jaw and create a physical barrier between your upper and lower teeth to protect them from further damage. They can also reduce any grinding noises you make at night.

Night Mouthguards are similar to those used in sports such as boxing or rugby. They’re rubber or plastic and we custom make them to fit your mouth.

When Would I Need a Mouthguard?

You will need to wear a mouthguard whenever taking part in physical sport that could cause broken or damaged teeth or worse, a broken or dislocated jaw. These sports include cricket, hockey, football, American football, boxing and rugby. Wearing a mouthguard does not only protect you but also those who you are playing with. We can’t help but stress the need for safety compliance.

How Long Do Custom Mouthguards Last?

You may need to replace a mouthguard fairly regularly depending on your age and if you are still growing. If you are still growing, then new teeth will come through and move into position thus forcing you to get a new mouthguard. With new teeth coming through your mouthguard will no doubt become too tight or too loose and this will mean the reshaping of your mouthguard to fit your mouth.

Adult mouthguards may not need replacing quite so often. But like every other form of sports equipment, they will suffer through wear and tear.

Can I Get Coloured Mouthguards?

Of course! You can customise your mouthguard with up to 3 colours or just go for a plain one. You may want your mouthguard in the colour of your favourite sports team or a mix of two different ones.

When coming in for an appointment, feel free to ask your dentist about the many mouthguard design and colour options we provide.


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