Patient Success Stories

Michael – Fillings Patient

“I’m not a great fan of dentists, I don’t think anybody really is, but if you come here, its always a nice calm atmosphere, there’s never a crowded waiting room, you can get an appointment fairly quickly, so yes that’s the reason basically, speed and efficiency.”

Jeannette – Root Canal Patient

“The last treatment I had done was a big one – it was a root canal filling on a very large tooth. My feelings about the treatment at this practice is that they are very professional, they are very up to date with dental practice, its good value for money and you can’t put a price on your teeth, you’ve only got one set.

Carol – Checkup and Filling Patient

“The benefits of having my treatment done here is really its very convenient to physically get here. Whenever I ring up to make an appointment, they can always manage to fit me in somewhere, I don’t have to wait weeks and weeks. I know that they are going to be good and reliable and do a good job.“

Jayne – Veneers Patient

“When you come in, you’re warmly welcomed, you don’t feel that you’re just a number on a screen, they actually know who you are. I feel they have a holistic approach to it, its not just a dentist, a hygienist, it’s a proper rounded treatment.“

Georgina – Veneers Patient

“The benefits of the treatment, because I like the way my teeth look and I’d be happy to smile really well, really wide smile so that the black tooth is no longer there. Since the treatment, it’s been fine. I’m really happy with the way my teeth look.“

Nikki – Orthodontics Patient

“I’m just delighted to show off my teeth to everybody now, but I’ve got something to make sure that they stay straight in there so I’m getting used to that, but now I’m fine, thrilled.“

Leo and William – General Dentistry Patients

“They sort out our teeth and tell you if you’ve got any wobbly and just move them around your mouth. I like showing that I’ve got wobbly teeth. I’ve got four of them.“

Robert – Crowns Patient

“When I first saw the results, I thought, “I can’t tell which tooth, which teeth, the two teeth, I can’t tell which ones were replaced.” The match is very good.“


What Our Patients Say